Chiropractic care during pregnancy can be a safe and effective way to relieve back pain for pregnant women who find themselves joining the 70% of women who experience back pain during pregnancy. 

There is relief to be found! A study in Sweden proved that spinal adjustments, especially the sacroiliac joint provided pain relief in 70% of the subjects and temporary relief in the other 30%.

The most common complaints treated with chiropractic care during pregnancy are low back and hip pain, headaches, upper back pain, sciatica pubic bone pain and rib misplacement. 

Clinical studies of women who have had chiropractic during pregnancy have shown that it is very safe for mom and the baby. 

Chiropractic care is modified during the pregnancy to improve the pelvic balance and ease pressure on the spine, particularly the joints and ligaments which are under the greatest load as pregnancy comes to term. This is primarily due to shift in weight and position of the baby. Interestingly, a chiropractic adjustment is often easier to accomplish during and in the few months following pregnancy due to the hormone “relaxin” which acts on the pelvic ligaments to allow for widening at birth. However, it affects all ligaments in the body.

The ligaments are often stretched and the posture permanently altered following birth unless it is professionally assessed and corrected. The body often needs a little help to spring back after the birth process and Chiropractic along with exercises can often be important to realigning and restoring normal posture and healthy spine function. 

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