What Do We Treat


Although we treat many conditions caused by various reasons, here are our specialties… 

Back and Neck Pain – The most common reason we treat patients! Let us help you get back to a pain free active lifestyle! 

Car Accidents – If left untreated, car accident patients can suffer from chronic pain that may take longer to treat later or worse, cause tissue damage. 

Headaches – Everyone knows someone who suffers from headaches occasionally.  The difference is that at Park East Chiropractic, we’re very effective at treating both tension & migraine headaches. See our new patient special on the right & give us a try yourself! 

Nerve Pain – A correct diagnosis of the type is critical. This determines our treatment recommendation. 

Muscle / Tendon Problems – How quickly would you like to get back to your regularly enjoyed activities? Muscle and tendon problems can often get in the way. Let us help you get to the root of those issues to get you back on track quickly! 

Arthritis – If you suffer or suspect that you suffer from a form of arthritis, you’re not alone! Let us work with you to relieve stiffness, swelling, and pain to return to you what you love the most! 

Disc Bulge / Herniation – Did you know that a whopping 95+% of spinal disc injuries can be treated conservatively and successfully without surgery? Schedule a new patient evaluation to the right. A 2nd opinion with us may be the best decision you ever made! 

Pregnancy – Pregnant women have very common aches and growing pains that may change throughout their term. It’s important to take special care of your body during this time as it may best prepare you for childbirth and may aid in a healthy recovery. 

Questions?  Contact us or call 763.494.4900 and a friendly staff member will be happy to assist you!